Give a shirt: Changing slacktivists into activists

posted by
Cooper Nelson,

Marketing Manager

Supporting a cause is now easier than ever.

Forget throwing on overalls and a pair of gloves to pick up trash or dig through rubble. Never mind laboring in the heat to plant trees or paint houses. Scrap the notion that in order to support a cause, you have to actually get your hands dirty.

These conceptions are facetious, of course, but according to a current trend sweeping the nonprofit scene, all that’s necessary to support a cause you’re passionate about is clicking “like” on a Facebook page. Five minutes and you’ve done your good for the day. Now you can return to perusing Reddit with a smug smile plastered across your face.

Sadly, slacktivism – actions performed via the Internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement (courtesy of the Oxford Dictionary) – is the popular avenue of support when it comes to contemporary activism. Many charities or nonprofits only require activists to “like our Facebook page” or “retweet this” or “hashtag that.” Sure, work is being done and lives are being improved, but the impact is often times minimal. You don’t have to physically help to help, you simply have to help spread the word, while exuding as little physical activity as humanly possible. But does that really help?