David Good

Helping Nonprofits Helps You

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David Good
Crawford & O'Brien

The dog-eat-dog mentality that is present in today’s business world has every company searching for a unique competitive advantage. What makes you stick out? What do you do better than your competition? And most importantly, why should a customer choose your company over the entirety of substitutes available?

Too often businesses focus on too narrow of a spectrum when trying to answer these questions. The solutions are almost always ideas which attempt to provide their specific product or service more efficiently, or at a higher level of quality. These are not wrong answers, if a company can implement a strategy to gain this sort of competitive advantage then they absolutely should. However, other varieties of competitive advantages do exist. A company that is involved with a nonprofit organization, or is active within a charity gains a huge advantage over a company that does not. This activity has several beneficial effects towards a business. It builds reputation within a community, adds credibility to all business endeavors, and gains respect from each individual customer who experiences these philanthropic events.

One businessman that has utilized this strategy to his advantage is Dr. Darren Flowers located in Anthem, Arizona. He has developed a special for new patients, where he donates the proceeds to a charity of the month, most recently the Red Cross. The low price of $19.99 for new customers would alone bring in a respectable amount of new business, and the addition of a charitable donation drives even more customers through the door.