A mission-centric culture will beget prosperity

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Audra Buras,
Communication Services
Buras Consulting

How would you describe the collective culture of your nonprofit organization? Is it fun, authoritarian, in high spirits, or riddled with low morale? Do people work cohesively, or not? With so many areas to focus on - marketing, fundraising, services and more - it is easy to overlook what is right in front of us: culture. Organizational culture can have a very positive or negative effect depending upon what values are being encouraged by your leadership and staff.

If you are thinking, “who cares about culture” or “how is this relevant to my bottom line,” I’ll tell you how ... staff buy-in.

It is simple yet profound. When the stakeholders of your organization do not buy-in to the mission, they will not buy-in to their work or projects being executed with their peers. There are exceptions to every rule, but for the majority, this is a reality to give thoughtful consideration. A commitment to work, and an appreciation for the relevance of the work, is crucial at all levels of an organization. The most successful nonprofit organizations have staff buy-in at every rank, from volunteers, to administrative professionals, executives and all the way up to the board members.