So, You're Being Audited...


posted by
Andrea L. Norman, MBA,
Director of Research, Behavioral

Health and Wellness,
Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS

Like many people, every year as I file my taxes I have an itchy feeling when I consider I might be audited by the Internal Revenue Service. I have always been squeaky clean honest in my filings, but the idea of being scrutinized by people portrayed as whimsical and unreasonable is nerve-wracking.

Imagine my surprise when in my new position as Director of Research, Behavioral Health and Wellness, I was subjected to audits by not one or two regulatory bodies, but by four: the Food and Drug Administration, the State, the County, and the Regional Behavioral Health Authority. While none of them are the IRS, my fear has greatly subsided after experiencing FOUR audits in the last six months.


I have learned several things that may help you: