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Ask a Nonprofit Specialist - Arizona Gives Day

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Anne Byrne,
ASU Lodestar Center

Question: We would like to increase our donations.  Is the upcoming Arizona Gives Day a good opportunity to do this?

 In the days leading up to December 10, my email and Face book page lit up with information and requests to participate in 2013’s Colorado Gives Day (  The requests came from organizations with which I have a connection as a former staffer, or in one case, by my son who works for the organization.    His appeal was my favorite – he asked all his family members across the country to donate to his environmental advocacy group in lieu of a birthday gift to him.  Does this represent a new level of maturity on his part?

I made my modest gifts, despite living in Arizona, and these, combined with over 88,000 other gifts raised over $20 million in one 24 hour period to support Colorado nonprofit organizations.  Wow! The organizations I supported raised $55,000, $35,000 and $25,000.  

Arizona nonprofit organizations can participate in our own Arizona Gives Day on April 9, 2014.  Presented by the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits (, and Arizona Grantmakers Forum ( , and sponsored by FirstBank, Arizona Gives Day provides a terrific opportunity to use the power of social media to build support from existing and new donors and contribute to a thriving philanthropic culture in our own state.

What are you doing for Arizona Gives Day?

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Jill Christiansen
Arizona Gives Day Nonprofit
Outreach Coordinator
Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Join the hundreds of Arizona nonprofits who are combining forces on the one day that the people of Arizona have the power to raise as much money as possible for the state’s nonprofit sector through the fastest growing method of giving: online fundraising. And it’s all happening on March 20.

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and The Arizona Grantmakers Forum have teamed up to do what has never been done before in our state. Many states across the nation are already participating in giving days, and it’s Arizona’s turn to cash in. The process is simple, yet powerful. Nonprofits wishing to participate register at, complete their profile, then promote like their lives depend on it. For some organizations, it really does.

As the sector continues to experience cuts from all sources of funding, new ways of fundraising must be created and explored. One of these ways is online fundraising coupled with social media. The success of online giving concepts, such as Giving Tuesday, has increased dramatically, even in just in the past few years. According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy and PRNewswire, $10 million was raised in online donations on Giving Tuesday – a 53% increase when compared to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving the previous year.